What others are saying:
Fred St-Gelais
(Music producer for Marie-Mai and others) said:
"I listened to a bunch of songs and I think (Michael-Angelo) rocks! Great
writing, great voice, cool look, and very refreshing production style."

George Stroumboulopoulos
(Host of The Strombo Show (CBC)) said:
"Very well produced songs, with catchy and original vocals."

Mark Vinet
(Manager (for Sylvain Cossette, Gabrielle Destroismaisons and Andrée
Waters) and Entertainment Lawyer) said:
"Trip the Light Fantastic is truly amazing; almost every song has hit

DJ Doctor G
(DJ for Roots Canada, CHUM FM Toronto, That said:
"One of the coolest CDs I've ever listened to. Michael-Angelo is an up and
coming artist and I think the world will see great things from him."

Patrick Lemieux
(Guitarist of KAIN) said:
"C’est écœurant, « Downtown » c’est un gros hit, c’est sur!"

François Fauteux
(Researcher for Ca Manque a ma Culture) said:
"Il a beaucoup de talent, j'ai su le reconnaitre dans sa voix, sa facon de jouer, et
dans ses melodies et dans ce qu'il ecrit."

Étienne Grégoire
(Music Director, CIME FM 103.9 Radio des Laurentides (Corus
Entertainment) said:
WOW! Quelle découverte! J’ai tombé professionnellement en amour.

Serge Postigo
(Television host) said:
"Il est super bon!"
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